Why is it so Hard to Know the Truth? Pilate said to him: “What is truth?”

I have thought about those two questions much of my life and I have come to the conclusion that there are at least two reasons why it’s so difficult to know the truth.

One is, our own thinking fools us into thinking it is correct. The second reason is we believe history to be truthful and accurate. When you begin to think about it you will find more reasons as to why it’s so difficult to find the truth about many of your beliefs.

Researchers recently have uncovered Shocking Examples http://s8int.com/page38.html of deliberate efforts to hide Historical evidence of North American ancient history. Some other Examples would be …http://bit.ly/1ct9Ymt 

As you can see from the hyperlinks what you may have been led to believe in the history books may not be accurate. In fact Many U.S. citizens do not know that the United States is also a corporation and like any other corporation the same rules apply. http://bit.ly/JAdKYW

So just think about it does the President of Microsoft have to be a natural born citizen to be president of the company? No, of course not!

The point I’m getting at here is that many of us are not aware of the true Workings of our government or of the correct laws that dictate how we are to live. (I might add that I do not claim to have totally accurate information or thinking either for the same reasons as mentioned above)

Once you begin to honestly look at how you think and believe you’ll begin to see that you have many faults in your belief system. And due to the fact of “logical holes” in all of our thinking process we cannot “Always Trust” our own judgment to be accurate and truthful.

Recently we’ve heard much information about waking up. You might wonder about what you are to wake up to?

Since the obstacles to truth are so difficult it might be a better goal to become more aware.

Because if we are not aware of what our own thinking deficits are and have a lack of historical accurate knowledge, we have no chance of discerning what is truly truthful.

Simply put if we cannot trust our own thinking process or the things we have been taught then we have no anchor or point of reference to base our belief System on.

Because most Americans have been dumbed down over the past years … “The average I.Q. for 2011 is calculated to be 88.54 this is the lowest I.Q. rate in years.” (http://uhaweb.hartford.edu/BRBAKER ) and suffer from information overload, a toxic environment and poor education. They literally have no chance to think correctly.

If you don’t believe that get on the Internet and look at the education statistics, I believe you’ll find them to be shocking. Or just ask yourself why it is so difficult to get extra pickles on your hamburger order at the fast food window? Why are so many high school graduates and even some college graduates functionally illiterate?

Some things that will help – are to increase your awareness of how you think – stop watching TV and do some personal research and development – empower yourself with new ideas and information. Trust in your intuition and feelings – seek to benefit others – and show love to all you meet.

The Other Day I asked Myself a Question — by George

My Dear Reader Fans,

First of all, this letter would be directed more-so to the elderly in my position, with one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave.  As for the younger kiddies, they too may or may not benefit by it, depending on their perception of matter. I am and always have been a “thinker” and sometimes I think I think too much for my own good.  But none-the-less.

The other day I asked myself a question that goes like this.  “If I knew the end from the beginning, would I have done something different??”

You’ll have to admit that this is a question that requires some deep thought.  At times, I thought of a Navy career, to work my way up to become a Captain and command of my own ship as I loved the sea.  But I didn’t go to college nor do I have the intelligent capability to get that far.  But even if I did, what would I do when I retired after so many years in the Navy??

I would be worthless as I wouldn’t know what to do on the outside for the remainder of my life. And being the type of person I am, I would want to do something productive, but what? How much can you fish, gardening, golfing, etc.  I love to travel but that too gets old after a while.   And what legacy will I have to leave behind and to whom, since I wouldn’t be married all this time.

Carefully weighing the pros and cons, I think I made a wise decision to leave the Navy and join the ranks of Holy Matrimony.  And to marry the right girl was extremely important.  I was very fortunate!  All through my married life, there was never a boring moment or a dull moment.  It enriched my life on many levels.  I was allowed to pursue and fulfill my passion, my obsession and desires without neglecting my wife or family.

I engaged myself in many different endeavors and each endeavor has taught me a little bit more of things and matter I never knew I was capable of doing.  And they taught me a lot about people in all walks of life.  It was an education personified.

To say that everything was “rosy”?? Not at all!!  You show me a person whose life was “rosy” and I’ll show you a person who is full of hops.  Incidentally, hops is a twining plant, the ripened cones are used in brewing to impart a bitter taste to malt liquors, such as beer.  Sloughouse, Ca. grows a lot of it, Southeast of Sacramento.

Although we didn’t deserve the fate that was handed to us, we are leaving a legacy behind for generations to come.  We have two wonderful children that made us proud with their achievements and accomplishments, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren whom we are also proud of.  And as you know, I even managed to write and publish a book. http://amzn.to/1788gmh I still have more books to write but life has an expiration date and I don’t have the time.  I know you didn’t want to be reminded but its reality!

So as I sit here in an atmosphere of loneliness, I reflect over the past in retrospect, my life to present and I again ask myself the question:  “If I knew the end from the beginning, would I have done something different??  I would have to reply, “Not a thing” most emphatically.

Yes, it is so sad what fate has bestowed upon some of us, but we have no choice in the matter.  I can never mention it enough times that I am very fortunate to have people in my life who gave me the strength and courage to keep on trucking after the epic and profound loss of my beloved wife and still do.  And again, I can never mention it enough times, the gratitude and appreciation I extend to these people, especially one in particular whom I deemed “My Beacon Of Light” which I’ll keep her name anonymous for obvious reasons.

Last but not least, don’t tell me but ask yourself, “If I knew the end from the beginning, would I have done something different??”  Would appreciate any comments, pro or con.

Your ever-loving Author,
P.S. Stin ugeian maV(To our health!)

George’s Kindle Book “I Was Never Meant to Work for Others”

Book Description

Publication Date: November 10, 2011

My first name George (Yeorgos) in Greek means agriculturer, tiller of the soil or farmer. My great ancestor’s way back, their real name was Mutsos and there were a lot of twins born. They had so many twins that the clan was referred to as the Gemellos’s or the twin bearers. Hence, our last name “Gemellos.”

I know how to speak Greek, write, read and used to dance it. I still write to my cousins in Canada and Pennsylvania in Greek.

I developed a yen for writing when I was 16 years of age. I was deeply in love with a girl from Utah. I would dream about her and I wanted to capture those dreams by writing them down.

As time went on, I began to write about other things of interest. After my stint in the U.S. Navy in WWII, I thought back on my life and began to write about the days depicting my youth among other things. Along came the computer and I started sending my true stories to all my friends and relatives. They all enjoyed them so much they cried for more.

The more I wrote the more I became prolific at it. They all urged me to write a book. Back then, some 30 years ago, publishers were very expensive with no guarantees. Then came the computer with the internet and a whole new ballgame emerged. Still I had no direction as to where and how to put my book together and market my stories.

By divine intervention, I was blessed with a new neighbor of extreme intelligence who is an accomplished writer and poet. He knew all the ins and outs of how to scan, edit, and format my stories as well as marketing. After several months of time consuming and tedious efforts, Mr. Steven Shaw got my book ready. I have to thank all my “Reader Fans” for their encouragement and accolades for putting this book together and present it to others around the World to enjoy.

Editorial Reviews

From the Author

This book is unparalell to anything yo have read or ever will read. It is interesting, educational, informational as well as historical….the DNA of the past if you will.

Why you cannot think outside of the Box

First of all you are not at fault – you have been trained that way (that is, not to think). Second you have never be taught how to think in out-of- the-box language.

I know this is not going to sound politically correct but I hope you will soon see the reasons why so many people have an increasing difficulty with thinking and life in general.

When you stop and think about it, our world is changing faster and faster and we are being bombarded with more and more information and decisions every day.  The simple fact is you have never been trained to think in this type of high-speed environment.

The majority of schools teach students the way they did 100 years ago when choices and changes in life were few.  Just think about one of the first cars to come out, the “Model T” it only came in one color Black, not much choice there.

In fact the idea of the word “automobile” did not mean the same thing 100 years ago as it does today when you go on the Internet to shop for a new vehicle.

I could go on with examples but that would be just a waste of time and more decisions to make.

The reality is that most people are trapped in an industrial thinking process.  This process includes all the ideas and beliefs that make up the industrial world concept.  You might look at this as a massive jigsaw puzzle.

Although you may not be able to see the complete picture you are sure that all the pieces you have fit in this puzzle.  You may be working hard to put all the pieces together so you can get a clearer view of life and its meaning but this is impossible because there’s something you more than likely do not know.

You have two separate massive jigsaw puzzles with almost identical pieces before you.  It is, as if someone came along and dumped two puzzles on your table, mixed them up and then told you that there was only one puzzle!  They also told you that your life’s meaning and reason for existence was putting the correct puzzle picture together.

Another thing you do not know, is that they are continually throwing new pieces from one of the puzzles on to the table you are working on.  So this literally makes it impossible to solve the problem of putting the puzzle together and getting a clear picture of life and its meaning.

So what are these two puzzles?

One is the industrial world concept view (with all of its beliefs, reasoning, thoughts and ideas-logic-philosophy-machines-inventions).  The other is the informational world concept view (with all of its emerging components).

Even though the pieces may look identical with similar shapes and colors you will not be able to fit to fit them into your puzzle regardless of how hard you try . Each piece will only fit in its unique puzzle.

These puzzle pieces are really the beliefs, ideas, thoughts, people, places and things that make up our global community.

Because you do not know that you’re working on two separate puzzles when you find a new puzzle piece that you are sure did not come in the original box of puzzle pieces you assume you have been thinking outside of the box.

Then you proceeded to go back to your job or task at hand satisfied that you have experienced a bit of enlightenment (which in someways you have).

What you’re totally unaware of is that you’re thinking process and belief system have not changed.  Since your subconscious belief system controls the majority of your actions in life, you will continue to live an act as you always have regardless of what new piece of enlightenment you may find (unless something extraordinary happens like an “Out of Body Experience” or “Near Death Experience”).

So if you truly wake up, you’ll get up and see if you’ve been sleeping and dreaming to the true nature of our environment.

This is an especially hard task for most people since they will not or cannot change their basic belief system.  So they tenaciously fight to maintain their current way of life and belief system regardless of whether it’s working or not, it’s all they know and think they will ever know.

So that’s why you cannot think outside of the box, in one word —- Fear!

Fear of change, fear the unknown, fear of the chair of ridicule, care of the ego, fear of thinking differently and any other fears that you may want to add to keep your way of life and “One Cary Grant’s” belief system intact.

First Kindle Book of Poems

These are a few of my poems at the end of my very first Kindle Poetry Book.  This begins a series of book and tutorials for those who love poetry and would also like to self-publish.


South of the Border

My friend and I were sitting in a bar saloon
somewhere south of the border, drinking tequila and rum with raw eggs,
looking like a couple of walleyed pike,
sporting Gentlemen’s Quarterly, serape, sombrero ensembles,
U.S. Goodyear retreads, and Ferdinand of Alcatraz designer buccaneer pantaloons.
We felt a high rate of moral success.

“Finding Empowerment in Life Begins With Love”

When it comes to empowerment do you have trouble grabbing the handle to empowering your own life and dreams?

Do you find that you are using all of your strength to chase after-the-wind, as it were? Are you watching everyone else catch their dreams and goals? Are you feeling discouraged and have you given up hope that you will never fulfill your purpose in life?

Could it be that you feel unworthy? — Do you feel you do not deserve to have personal success in life?

Do you have any of these nagging thoughts or situations?:

1. Do you find it hard to like yourself?

2. Do you lack confidence and is it hard for you to get your needs met?

3. Are you focused on the expectations that others have of you?

4. Do you feel that to satisfy other people you have to somehow forget about your own wants and needs?

The desire to please others and fit in is a strong pull and often will lead you to do things that are not in your best interests. So where do you start to make the changes that will bring lasting happiness and success?

1. Start right now; this very moment to unconditionally focus love into your being

2. Go look into a mirror and say I love you – You are the most wonderful person in the world

3. Give yourself a hug and smile inwardly feel how good a person you really are

4. Forget about what other people may think

5. Know that you were put here for a purpose and your skills, talents and abilities are needed—but most of all your love

If you have never told yourself, I love you or I love me. The above exercises may be difficult but they are vital for your own well being. Make a practice of doing them each time you look at yourself in the mirror. Make it a daily goal to focus your purest emotional feelings on the energy of increased self-worth.

Empowerment comes from caring about “You, believing in yourself and loving yourself.”

“Be in love with yourself! Nurture your soul.”

When you raise your personal energy you affect the whole vibration rate of the earth!

Every smile you produce in some way alleviates some suffering or pain. It is important to realize that everyone faces a negative down draft. That is one reason why there is ongoing crime, war and hate. This negative flow can easily sweep you up like a rushing river and carry you along its destructive path. So be prepared to take a stand against the negative feelings of others.

Find the courage to say no!

Know that when you radiate love and caring you will generate a force that will attract the support of your family and friends. Yet you may still find there are times when you will need to stand alone.

So when you take your stand; you can be confident that your feelings of love, joy and peace will motivate, guide and protect your thoughts and feelings. You can rest assured that when you embrace the higher energy of love your empowering path will uplift the emotions of other people and will guide you to a richer and happier life.

New memories

Ji… jitsu smiles
Lost art forms
Looks like a grand

I am Love

I am love I am peace I am hope
I am serenity I am love I am joy I am truth I am integrity
I am love I am faith I am meek I am humility
I am love
I am mild I am kind I am loyalty
I am love
I am bliss I am awe I am ecstasy
I am joy I am peace I am love I am empathy
I am love I am good I am power I am happy

Suicide Black Rain and/or All Hell Breaks Loose

I was listening to a talk radio show last night and one of the callers predicted all sorts of upcoming problems for the world and the United States. Among the dire predictions were coming food shortages, possible Nukes and Black Rain with the upcoming Hurricane season, (not necessarily in that order).

There is no doubt that conditions around the world are bad and in some cases getting worse. The economy in many countries and even in the US is having difficulties. Many people are out of work and have lost their homes. I do not know the statistics but as with most stressful situations many people are driven to the end of their rope. So if you are at the end of the rope tie a knot in it and hold on!

A friend of mine once told me, if you are going to commit suicide, go fishing first and that really is a good idea. But you might also want to think of a 30 day plan to success and happiness.

So before you take that leap out the window why not take off for 30 days or commit to a 30 day mind makeover?

Here is what you need to do to get started:

1. Stop and take a deep breath
2. Take some time and put things in perspective
3. Then analyze your thinking
4. Have you been thinking BiG Or Small
5. Are your primary thoughts Positive or Negative

A friend of mine who was at the end of his rope and about to commit financial suicide and also kill all of his hopes and dreams came across an old book that had been setting on his shelf called The Magic of Thinking BIG which was originally published in 1959. Quite by accident or design he open to a page in the middle of the book that compared Petty Thinking to Thinking Big and to his surprise realized he had been trapped into Petty Thinking.

Rather than commit suicide that day he decided to go fishing! Fishing for knowledge and understanding, fishing for ideas and solutions, fishing for ways to catch a harvest of success and financial freedom.

And here is what he did:

1. He got up and walked around his beautiful house and told himself, I am going to read this book (The Magic of Thinking BIG) today!
2. He made a determination to change his thinking and thoughts
3. He honestly recognized that his own negative and petty thinking had brought him to the brink of destruction

You might want to pick up a copy of The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D. Start your own 30 Day Program to Success. You just need a desire to succeed and be willing to change the way you think.

Mr. Schwartz points out in his book that we have two office or factory foremen who faithfully work for us each day. One foreman called Mr. Triumph can help us to have an I-can-do-anything-positive Attitude. The other foreman called Mr. Defeat will remind you of ever failure and how inadequate you are at everything you do.

Please fire Mr. Defeat immediately and begin to work closely with Mr. Triumph to build a success factory of thinking. Start this very minute to change your thoughts to positive feelings and ideas, believe you can achieve whatever you believe.

Your assignment for Day 1 is Read The Magic of Thinking Big and take a walk or go fishing and be grateful for the many blessing that surround you. Begin a plan of positive action and write it down. Create some attainable immediate goals like getting more exercise, turning off the TV, drinking more water and eating better. Look in a mirror and say I love me. Smile.

Do You Know That Before 2012 You’ll Need This?

Have you ever wondered why you like certain music, smells or pictures?  Why a favorite song will bring tears to your eyes or joy to your heart?  Or nostalgic memories of your first prom dance or date that will make a certain tune pop into your mind and make your memories live again?

Have you ever felt the peace and freedom of walking bare foot along the beach, feeling the warm sand between your toes as you listened to the sounds of the squawking gulls or buzzing bugs, the crashing surf and the smell of the fresh salt air?

How about a star-lit-night full of singing crickets, croaking frogs when the air is crisp, clean and clear, when the brilliant stars just seem to jump off the velvet blackness of the sky?

Have you ever taken a walk in the woods and stopped for a moment to listen to the singing birds, watched the rustle of the wind though the trees tops as they swayed lazily back and forth as though time where standing still?  Did you stop for a moment and sit on a fallen moss covered log and take in the beautiful sights, smells and sounds of the forest perhaps listening to the small crystal clear stream next to the trail you are on?

The reason why you like some things and dislike others is Light Language.

Light Language (not really the correct name for the actions) is an invisible multi-dimensional language that we all use, even though we may be totally unaware of its very existence.  It allows our own energy fields to communicate through all layers of the space-time continuum.

In essence that is why we have an awareness of the stars and galaxies, and yet at the same time we are also aware of the quantum realm.  Your awareness can easily transverses the macro to micro with ease and grace.  You may not give a second thought to saying a prayer or looking at the passing puff white clouds in a clear blue sky while eating a fresh picked strawberry or banana.

Your mind can adeptly move through many layers of dimension and time without the slightest ideas of what has truly taken place.

So what is a Light Language coloring Book? And why would you even want one or need one?

Reflect upon the forest, seashore, a night at your favorite restaurant or being with your soul-mate.  They are all examples of a Light Language Coloring Book!

How is that?

Remember that Light Language is the communicating mechanism that relays all this outer or inner information to your receiving system (your subtle energy fields, brain and emotional awareness).

When you encounter various sights, sounds, smells, feelings, emotions, or touch someone you love.  All that information is interacting with you physical system and subtle energy fields.

That is what a Light Language Coloring Book does. It works like a direct conduit into your energy system via shapes and colors to help you heal and balance your natural energy state.

You actually get the same effect when you pick a beautiful red rose and closely look at its delicate structure and close your eyes, and smell the pleasing aroma.

As a people the people of the earth are beginning to realize that we have a higher purpose.  We are all connected and the way to regain harmony and balance is to elevate our collective awareness through thoughts of love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, peace and trust.

Start today by raising your vibrational rate. Even a slight rise in your own subtle energy fields affects the whole earth, and even the galaxy.  By just slightly elevating your awareness you can begin to move and redirect the whole human race off the path of destruction toward the race of life — start today!

Change starts with Awareness http://stevenlshaw.com/someret Light Language Coloring Book

Color in The Examples below:

Notice how they change as you look at them and while you are coloring them.  Take notice of your feelings – make some copies and color them different.